Mr. J Gregório de Carvalho

Mr De Carvalho is a consultant specializing in aesthetic medicine, anti-ageing and skin regeneration. Combining his advanced knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine, he applies an artistic approach and natural beauty when treating his patients individually, striving for excellence in care with high patient safety and satisfaction. The health and safety of his patients is his top priority, he is known for delivering beautiful, natural-looking results to his patients.

Mr De Carvalho graduated from the University of Havana Cuba with first-class honours in Doctor of Medicine (MD). He also completed a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Antiaging and Regenerative Skin Aesthetic Medicine at the prestigious Universidad Complutense of Madrid in Madrid, Spain. He is currently a member of the World Congress of Aesthetic and Antiaging Medicine [AMWC], Congress and Exhibition of Faces [FACE], Clinical and Reconstructive Cosmetics [CCR], Illustrious College of Physicians of Valencia Spain [ICOMV], and Society of Aesthetic Medicine [SEME].

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