Cellenis® DermaFiller

is a 100% natural injectable material which creates an immediate volumising effect that lasts.

Cellenis® DermaFiller is an autologous, biological filler providing extended release of platelet derived growth factors using the slow reabsorption properties of plasmatic proteins. This maintains the renowned efficacy of Cellenis® PRP for a longer time. The patient’s skin will thrive as it induces collagen formation (to create lift), fibrin (to improve texture) and elastin (to enhance elasticity).

The science and technology behind Cellenis® DermaFiller provide a cutting edge, novel technique which adds real volume to the face and body. This is achieved by uniquely heating platelet-poor plasma (PPP) which is rich in albumin. The denaturation and restructure of the proteins provides extended resorption properties lasting up to 3–6 months. During this time, biological activity of Cellenis® DermaFiller enables new tissue formation, providing skin radiance and rejuvenation.

Cellenis® DermaFiller provides the best of two worlds. It combines the superior benefits of Cellenis® PRP tissue regeneration efficacy with the immediate and notable filling effect of a protein scaffold to provide a natural soft-tissue augmentation.

Cellenis® DermaFiller naturally adds volume and lift and rejuvenates
the skin.


Blood harvest and centrifugation 1500g 10 min


Insert vented needle.


PPP withdrawal.


Place the PPP in the heating block for 10 min, 100° C. Allow cooling down to body temperature.


Platelet re-suspension by inversion.


PRP withdrawal.


Connect both syringes with the female-female luer lock connector and gently mix their contents.


Cellenis® DermaFiller is ready to use.

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