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If you are looking for an aesthetic doctor to discover the Latest Advancements in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Techniques, Dr. Gregório will be glad help you achieving your goals.

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Dr. Gregório, your trusted aesthetic doctor, your pathway to elevated beauty in the heart of London. With strategically situated locations, he ensures your access to top-notch treatments and products is a breeze. Experience unparalleled comfort as you work towards your aesthetic aspirations with his expert direction.

Dr. Gregório de Carvalho

Aesthetic Doctor Specializing in Anti-Aging and Skin Regeneration

Dr. Gregório De Carvalho, a leading expert in the realm of aesthetic medicine, specializes in the rejuvenation of skin and combating the effects of aging. With extensive experience and a discerning artistic touch, he crafts personalized treatments aimed at enhancing your natural beauty.

Patient safety and contentment hold the utmost importance in his practice. You can rely on his wealth of knowledge and compassionate approach. Dr. Gregório holds a distinguished Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree along with a Master’s in Anti-aging and Regenerative Skin Aesthetic Medicine.

His associations with esteemed institutions underscore his unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether your goal is to diminish the signs of aging or to revitalize your overall vitality, Dr. Gregório is dedicated to creating bespoke plans that cater to your unique needs.

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Botulinum Toxin Lifting

Addressing issues such as wrinkles, expression lines on the face (including forehead lines, crow’s feet, under-eye wrinkles, droopy eyes, sagging eyebrows, neck wrinkles, square jawline, broad and drooping nose, and “gummy smile” or “donkey smile,” among others.

Dermal Fillers

Restoring lost or displaced facial tissue, such as lost fat, and repositioning it to its youthful location, essentially performing a facial lift using hyaluronic acid.


Utilizing various advanced Bio-Fillers, including revolutionary exosome treatments such as ASCEplus SRLV skin rejuvenation, Profilho, Allence, JALUPRO HMV, and more.Mini Thread Lift (Non-Surgical Facelift): Implementing non-surgical techniques for facelifts, eyebrow lifts, jawline enhancement, and neck improvement.

Nutritional Therapy via Intravenous and Intramuscular

Enhancing the immune system, reducing stress, stimulating elastin and collagen production, increasing energy levels, eliminating heavy metals from the body, liver detoxification, and overall body detoxification, including the innovative NADH+ IV therapy for anti-ageing and energy enhancement.

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Aesthetic doctor

Uncover timeless beauty with Dr. Gregório, an expert aesthetic doctor. He enhances your natural beauty safely with cutting-edge techniques. Choose him for a confident journey to lasting allure. Schedule your consultation today!

What we do to help our patients:

For instance, treatment approaches vary depending on the patient’s skin condition. Conditions like forehead expression lines and crow’s feet can often be effectively treated with well-known products like Botox, Azzalure, and Bocouture in the London, UK market. Patients with dry or sagging skin may require Collagen bio-stimulators such as Bio-fillers, PRF fibrin-rich plasma, “updated versions of the old” PRP platelet-rich plasma, Profhilo, and more, depending on their specific needs.

Our treatments:

Typically, a comprehensive consultation is conducted, which includes imaging and treatment planning. The treatment begins by addressing the patient’s primary concerns, often starting with botulinum toxin for issues like forehead wrinkles. Additional concerns and suggested treatments are discussed with the patient, and the anti-ageing treatment plan is tailored to address not only the specific concerns but also other relevant external factors that are identified during the consultation.

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If you’re unsure about the best treatment for your needs or have any concerns, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us. We’re here to listen, address your questions, and work together to find the perfect solution tailored just for you. Your beauty and confidence matter to us, and we’re excited to assist you on your journey to a more radiant you.

Anti-wrinkle treatment toxin is a substance that paralyses or decreases the function of the muscle on which it is applied.
In this way, it is possible to relax the facial muscles for a few months, preventing the formation of wrinkles and softening the existing ones, until they are almost negligible.

The result of the application of anti-wrinkle treatment in the case of injection in expression wrinkles is that they are attenuated, giving rise to a more youthful and rested appearance. With the right technique we can take advantage of this effect to produce a slight rise in the arch of the eyebrow and widen the gaze in the right patients.

The effect begins to be noticed from the 3-4th day, reaching its maximum peak 5-6 weeks after the injection. It usually lasts about 3-4 months, although in a small percentage of patients (10%) the duration may be less than 2 months. On the other hand, the interval between treatments should not be less than 3 months.

In the case of hyperhidrosis treatment, the result is the cessation of sweating in the treated areas, with the consequent improvement in the patient’s quality of life. In this case the duration is somewhat longer, ranging between 7-10 months.

In general, the duration of the result is variable according to the pattern of contraction that the patient presents.

Like all medicines, anti-wrinkle treatment can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them. In general, they appear in the first days after the injection, are transient and of mild to moderate intensity.

The most common side effects are headache, bruising, swelling and/or pain at the injection site. Less frequently, relaxation of an unwanted muscle may occur, giving rise to a droopy eyelid or some asymmetry. Even less frequent is the appearance of symptoms due to the spread of the toxin, such as difficulty swallowing or muscle weakness.

With proper injection technique, the risks are greatly reduced.


• It is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs

• The application of anti-wrinkle treatment is not usually painful, but for those patients who are sensitive to pain, it is advisable to be there 30 minutes before the treatment for the topical application of anesthetic cream to reduce the discomfort of the application.


– Avoid lying down for the next 4 hours after treatment
– Do not practice sports the first 24 hours
– Avoid sun exposure
– Use SPF 50+ sunscreen
-Avoid friction of the treated area
– It is suggested to make gestures exaggerating facial movements (frown, contract the forehead…) so that the product is better distributed in the 4 hours following its application

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